The King of Beasts Fetes the Animal Kingdom

The King of Beasts Fetes the Animal Kingdom

When he threw a sumptuous banquet to honor all his minions,
they showed up by the thousands via hoof and fin and pinions.
He planned a sumptuous feast , hoping that it would invigorate,
but instead the meal he’d served only served to agitate.
The pelicans were shocked by the roast turkey and fried chicken, 
for they found such a diet to be less than finger-licken’.

The shrimp cocktail gagged the flounder and made the tuna ill.
Before they even had a bite, they found they’d had their fill.
The black Angus were all traumatized when they were served the veal.
Sheep couldn’t eat the mutton and Baaah-humbugged the whole meal.
Thus, one-by-one they found the king of beasts to be barbarian.
How short-sighted he’d been not to just go with vegetarian!

Prompt words are sumptuous, invigorate, minion . Photo by Jeena Jeong on Unsplash. Used with permission.

11 thoughts on “The King of Beasts Fetes the Animal Kingdom

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes..that was their fear. Strange that there is no word I could find to name an animal that eats ones of its own species..No cannibal equivalent. I did learn the word anthropophagite, though I bet I’ve forgotten it by tomorrow.

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