Coup de Coeur

Coup de Coeur

You have built a tunnel—a channel to my heart.
I should have seen it sooner, should have known it from the start.
Now you foment discord to make me feel unrest.
None of the others calm the storm. I know you are the best.
It is a sort of power. Therefore, I must not fall.
Yet I cannot resist it, for I love you most of all.
I might have wed for power. Now I must wed for love.
How can I rule somebody who fits me like a glove?
My friends find it hilarious I’ve let my defense down

to substitute a bridal veil for my royal crown.
I guess I’ll have to settle for a democracy
now that you have staged a coup on my monarchy.

Prompt words today are tunnel, therefore, hilarious, channel and foment.

15 thoughts on “Coup de Coeur



    Something that he made of clay,
    or maybe out of wood,
    when it just appeared that day
    it finally can now be understood.

    You asked “why did you do that~?”,
    His answer may not be clear.
    Something made while he sat
    nothing you held so very dear.

    But there comes a time in your life
    when you finally see, after he is gone,
    finding again this tiny bijou of delight,
    was to show, that you are not alone.

    He could have bought it in a store,
    or simply ordered it from a book.
    But crafting a gift can mean so much more,
    making it with his loving hands he undertook.


      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Perhaps, seesawing…
        Here is an old Odessa joke for you:
        Peter had a parrot who lived in a cage in Peter’s bedroom. Peter was a great womanazer; every evening he used to bring a new woman home and into his bed. One day he says to the parrot, “I think I am in love. Tonight I am bringing home this very special girl and I don’t want you to watch us making love. If I catch you peeking, I’ll tear your head off!” “Big deal, – thinks the parrot, – what’s there to see? Thank to Peter, I’ve seen it all.” Evening comes, and Peter brings the girl home, they have dinner, they have drinks, and finally they go to bed. Parrot faithfully turns to face the wall. He hears Peter say, “Why don’t you be on the bottom, and I get on top.” “Ha, – thinks the parrot, – seen that a million times.” After a while, Peter says, “Now let’s switch, you get on top of me.” “Pfff, – thinks the parrot, – nothing new, seen that too a million times.” After another while, Peter says, “Now let’s both get on top.” “Peter, – says the parrot, – you can tear my head off, but this I’ve got to see!”

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