The angriest skies contain the germ of the next day’s sun.
No matter what pervades your day, once that day is done,
your prospects for a better day already have been cast,
for the material of our future is gathered from our past.

Clear skies are born from thunder clouds and summer days from mist.
Tomorrow’s field of flowers is held in the tempest’s fist.
You may call me Pollyanna, but I can attest

to the truth that oftentimes the worst is followed by the best.





 Prompt words today are clear skies,contain, angry,pervade and material.

14 thoughts on “Providence


    Wow Judy, your simple little poem is so full of philosophical or scientific insight of nature~! You batted over 300 this morning, no Pollyanna there. Today the Carolina Wrens are building their nest, the Titmouse have returned and though the dead leaves are on the ground, the green grass and spring Anemones are peeping through. Best of all the crayfish are coming out of their holes, best harbinger of spring to an old Coonass~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Love to see these creatures. Here everything is present year round except for the pelicans and other migratory birds, although some of them stay year round as well.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Yes when I lived in Bogota, sometime I craved a change, but then a little travel always gives it to you, in a short distance, and photos along with conversation too; lets us see through the eyes of others. Your Egrets this morning brought me back to South Louisiana and Avery Island where they were saved from extinction many years ago, Lady’s hats had about done them in.

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