Ode to My Doctor, Who Has Done Little to Curry My Favor

Ode to My Doctor, Who Has Done Little to Curry My Favor

Each of these foods you suggest for my diet
has not one feature to urge me to try it.
The chard is too leafy, the kale makes me gag.
I will be affianced to naught in this bag.

This fluffy green spinach would be best in a dip
with sour cream and onions and served on a chip.
I have not one vestige of an urge to consume it
raw in a salad, so do not assume it

will ever pass lips as selective as mine.
I need carbohydrates and meat when I dine.
Do you get the message that I’m on the outs
with arugula, collard greens, beet greens and sprouts?

My palate’s impavid when it comes to spice.
A molé is lovely and a curry is nice,
but please put some meat in it. I’m a contrarian
when you attempt to turn me vegetarian.

Prompt words for today are sprout, vestige, impavid, affiance and chip.


26 thoughts on “Ode to My Doctor, Who Has Done Little to Curry My Favor

  1. Eilene Lyon

    Entertaining use of the prompts! Fortunately, I do like greens of most sorts. Giving up meat isn’t all that likely, though. I’d curtail it more, except that would mean preparing separate dinners for me and the hubby. No thanks.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I learned those same two new words, Mary. I didn’t know affiance had any other usage outside of a marriage engagement. I always resent obscure words as prompts as it seems pretentious to use them in a poem, but then I accept the challenge and it is fun to see if I can slip them in in a way that doesn’t seem stilted and that suggests their meaning. Just another little exercise to keep the mind working—on my part, that is.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I like spinach. The rest of it? Yuck. Especially kale (unless in one of those wonderful Portuguese soups). I feel I OUGHT to be a vegetarian because I hate the idea of killing animals, but sadly, I’m hooked on real food.

    Liked by 1 person


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