Cruel Words

Cruel Words

True love may grow petulant and jagged at the edges,
so beware emotion’s vertigo while navigating ledges.
Too-blunt words and thoughtlessness certainly may wreak
a petulance forbidding us to turn the other cheek.

Cupid should inculcate us with presence of mind
to remember that above all else, a lover should be kind.
What love has joined together may be split by just one quip.
Lips that desire kissing should detect just when to zip!!!

Prompt words today are jagged, petulant, cheek, inculcate and join.

25 thoughts on “Cruel Words


    This is a keeper Judy~! You managed to put in one short poem, a mood of pensiveness, reflective and even provocativeness into your words. The day is still young, but I must read this one again later. It may teach me something that is difficult for all of us to remember. Only one word, misused can come back time and again to haunt us in the future. Sometime our choice of words can be miss understood by the receiver as to what we really are trying to say, and all of the explanation possible may not completely fix it~!.

    The interesting thing is that your prompt words would not have led me in that direction~! This one goes in my “keeper file”

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Anita Marie, I hate what happens when I am around cruel people. I certainly don’t rub off on them, but I find myself having cruel thoughts about them, wishing for a sort of revenge for their terrible acts. Then I hate that they’ve infected me with their ill thoughts. I have to fight against this. It’s a horrible feeling.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      So you are turning my poem around on me… telling me I need to be respectful even if a friend has not been? Not disputing this. You are correct. But sometimes you also have to be allowed to have your own feelings. Then, forgive, I guess.

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      1. Mason Bushell

        I’m sorry, I wasn’t intentionally turning it on you. I was merely looking for the message.

        Everybody including you is allowed their own feelings and allowed to express them of course. I just felt the meaning was in that when we have bad feelings and things to say, often we need to step back and wait until we can express in a respectful way is all.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              You have never upset me. You were just repeating exactly what I said which showed that you got the message. I was the one who had the flash of inspiration from what you said that I needed to heed my own words. It is a compliment for people to comment on what one writes and I’ve always appreciated your insightful comments.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      That’s the thing about these prompts. as implausible as they sometimes seem, they let our minds go off in unplanned-for directions and thereby show us how our minds do work. Where these poems end up is a surprise for me, too. I love it.

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