Like a lamb led to the slaughter in this burgeoning situation,
I’ll load me up into my car and head out toward the station
of a drive-up clinic to allow a medic guy
to stick a Q-tip up my nose to see if I can fly.

Just another fun-filled day in a year of situations
that have not included gatherings or tropical vacations.
But now I find I’m breaking this year of solitary
to fly up to the states for shots, and am I worried? Very.

Nonetheless, my lot is cast, my sis purchased my ticket
and though I have a hunch it is the proverbial sticky wicket,
I’m flying off to Phoenix to spend a month or so,
even though a part of me says I shouldn’t go.

Yet another part of me says it will be fun
to see my sister once again. When all is said and done,
One choice or the other, they both have pros and cons,
and once again I feel that we’re fate’s complicit pawns.


Prompt words today are lamb, solitary, statue, burgeon and situation.

29 thoughts on “Pawn

  1. slmret

    You’ll be glad you have the shots behind you — be prepared for a day or two of feeling out-of-sorts after each shot, but otherwise they’re not a big deal — except that they give you some protection that you haven’t had for a year. There’s a lot we still don’t know about covid, and about the shots, but they do help protect us from the worst of the disease, and allow us to feel a little easier about careful interactions with others.


  2. Dale T. Wilson

    The fear is palpable, but if it’s any consolation, when I flew in February (MA to FL), the flight via JetBlue was immaculate, the airport less so but lightly populated, and no one was sitting near! Pick & choose where and next to whom you loiter, wear a mask at all times, carry antiseptic wipes but use soap&water just as often. Touch nothing with bare hands. Take lots of elderberry, VitC, Zinc pre-,post, during. Good luck of course, but have a wonderful time.

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    I am so happy for you Judy~! It seemed to me that you may have been slowing down a bit lately, and so you may really need this “get away” more than just for a shot. Family means so much to us, and my loosing my only sister this past year left me with a vacuum of so many things I wanted to tell her, and could not.

    Good luck on your trip~! I guess it will be a few days before you get results of the “covid nose wipe” test, so the “spring break” crap will be over with before your flight. I have friends who have flown in to see me, and they bragged about the flights being less crowded than normal, making for more room than what it use to be.

    Good luck and please keep us posted in one way or another~! (as far as I am concerned, pain from the shot was nothing at all~! ….another case of anticipation being greater than realization~???)

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