Sneaking Up On the Muse

Sneaking Up On the Muse

My verses are not perfect. I’m no Dickinson or Byron.
My words are rough and crumpled, in need of a hot iron.
My reasoning is stifled, obscured by feeble brain.
I often have to write a line again and then again.
My successful lines are stealthy. They just creep up on me,
perhaps because my muses hang around insistently.
If I could take a stealthie, perhaps you’d see one hovering
there over my shoulder, inspiring and mothering.
In short, on those occasions when my inspiration’s slight,
and I cannot find a poem, likely my muses might!

Words of the day are stealthie, slight, rumpled, stifle and iron.

(A stealthie is defined as a picture taken by someone, usually a girl, that is clearly a selfie but contains a cute animal or object of interest in order to curb the backlash of it being a selfie, or a picture taken without the subject’s knowledge, especially using a smartphone. Retrieved from “ and the Urban Dictionary. This imaginary stealthie is of my mother, hovering over my left shoulder. She was my first inspiration and conspirator  in rhyme and still, it is her voice I hear every time I write a rhymed poem.)

10 thoughts on “Sneaking Up On the Muse


    Great poem, photo, use of words and explanation, Thanks for introducing us to your muse, the similarity is so evident in your faces. Well done, no jet lag here, thanks~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Your sister may have brought back those old memories good and bad, I hope you are enjoying old times with them, and laughing about the good, even telling things held back. After loosing my sister last year, there were so many things I thought of daily that I wanted to call and tell her about… I finally made contact with the Chapala family and now do not know what to do or say about it, if she were here we could discuss it, her outlook was different from mine.


  2. drkottaway

    Wow! another definition of stealthie. I’ve used it to mean a picture that I am in but only part or obscured or in a reflection obscured or so forth. I will admit to being female, though.

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