No Vacancy

No Vacancy

Hurry your feet and speed up your caboose.
We’ve only minutes left to vamoose.
It’s a nuisance, I know, but our time has run out.
It will do you no good to object or to pout.
The antithesis to one’s arrival is going.
The fact this was coming was well in our knowing.
The details of our living here now are archival.
Just as we saluted upon our arrival,
we now must wave bye-bye and pack up our bags,
fasten their locks and attach our name tags.
You may strive to remain here, but we must be gone.
We’re a nuisance here. We must now move over yon.
That’s the thing with exotic weekend vacations.
There’s always someone with Monday reservations!

Word prompts today are caboose, antithesis, salute, strive and nuisance.

10 thoughts on “No Vacancy

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    And they won’t even let you leave your stuff for the few hours before you have to catch you plane — assuming you ARE catching a plane! Some places used to try to get you out of there by nine or ten in the morning. We used to say “Right” and take as long as we needed. I know they need to get the room ready, but I cannot move that fast and these days, I can just barely more at all 😀

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  2. isaiah46ministries

    So true, Judy. Seems when I want to extend a vacation, someone has the same idea and there is no rooms available. I have started planning a couple extra days, and that works, unless you end up somewhere you can’t wait to leave. Then, I gladly give up the money. Life is too short! Wonderful poem!

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