Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers

It might beseem the patriarch to forego actions radical,
forsaking them for pastimes more blandly mathematical.
Discourse over Pi and coffee a safer course, by far,
than plotting revolution at a local bar.
That there’s safety in numbers is a much-repeated platitude
much favored over taking risks with a subversive attitude.

Prompt words today are radical, patriarch, beseem and coffee. Image by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash, used with permission.
And for NaPoWriMo, Day 5

14 thoughts on “Safety in Numbers


    OMG – all those words are like SCRABBLE~!
    Oh me,,
    how can this be,,
    wine or tea,,
    better you see,,
    stop with three,,
    or I try to flee,,
    must not lie,,
    may even die,,
    so do not try,,
    to let it go by,,
    if we have pi~!

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