The Blooming Desert


The Blooming Desert

Jeeze, Louise!!!!!
Is that your sneeze
that filled this little desert room,
louder than a sonic boom,
and not, in fact, the house collapsing?
Just your allergies relapsing?

More than just a sniff or sneeze—
Not the slightest little breeze,
but one that brings one to one’s knees,
and makes polar icecaps unfreeze!
Although we love the blooming clover,
would that its flowering was soon over.

The palo verde and barrel cactus
have tended to over-impact us.
Morning glory and prickly pear
have proven more than we can bear.
As beauteous as they are, I fear,
what pleases eye just tortures ear!!!


Click on flowers to enlarge.

For NaPoWriMo (Not to prompt, I’m afraid.) I woke up with the first four lines of this poem in my head and they pulled me in after them to write this little impromptu poem. Also, for Cee’s FOTD.

14 thoughts on “The Blooming Desert

  1. slmret

    What magnificent flowers you are seeing at this time of year. I think it’s the acacia tree that is causing your sneezes — they are known for that much more than the prickly pear! What are the green and red flowers to the right of the acacia tree? And the pretty pink ones next to the prickly pear under the acacia tree?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The acacia and Palo Verde look somewhat alike, but this is a Palo Verde. I don’t know what the flowers are. They are in two different stages of growth on the same bush which I saw on my walk the other day.

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