Ta Ta and Good Riddance

Ta Ta and Good Riddance

He wants to know what’s all this fuss
about being unscrupulous.
Honor to him is just a fable—
His every act meant to enable
a law or bill or legal tort
as a means to then exhort
his cronies to increase his fame
to pad his pockets and laud his name.
His vacant eyes contain naught

of what he did for  what he’s got.
A patriot for sure he’s not.
If I were forced to make a list
of all the ways he is not missed,
I fear the list would stretch so far
as Katmandu or Zanzibar.
And though I know them all by heart,
I do not have the time to start
at the beginning and reach the end.
So I’ll just say, here and anon,
that I’m relieved that he is gone.


Prompt words today are enable,  scrupulous, vacant, list and exhort.
Photo by Srikanta from Unsplash, used with permission.

7 thoughts on “Ta Ta and Good Riddance

      1. SAM VOELKER

        I must agree, I too keep finding him popping his ugly head up; and also he is like a bad smell you get on your shoe from someone’s dog-walk. His followers also all have that same smell. So I try to think of it as a TRUMPet playing “Taps”. “Trump as past sense”. I know that it does not always work but I do try~!


  1. lifelessons Post author

    The scent of bravado and lack of good sense. Stubborn in pursuit of his own selfish bents. He raped and he pillaged our coffers and minds ’til we set him outside and pulled shut the blinds. But still he peeks through to sully our minds. People are easily left far behind, but the fruit of their memory seeps through the rind we’ve hoped will remain uncut and intact, but it’s peeled back by time and our minds are rehacked!!!



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