“Mentor” for dVerse Poets Quadrille Prompt


That seed of you planted in me
directs me to turn from daily tasks
to look for lost things.
Then the dust of my past,
brushed from some recess of  memory,
mixes with  imagination to fabricate
a scrap of art, a poem, a tale.


After I wrote this, I couldn’t decide who to use to illustrate it. Then I noticed the “art, poem and tale” and realized I’d had a mentor in each genre. My mother for poetry, my husband for art and my father as storyteller.

A quadrille is a poem with exactly 44 words. The dVerse poets prompt asks us to write a quadrille that contains the word seed.  Here is a link to the dVerse Poets page where you can read other responses to the prompt.


45 thoughts on ““Mentor” for dVerse Poets Quadrille Prompt

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Duh… I hadn’t noticed that there was a note on it. I was so impressed by your ability to recognize that old plow my dad was sitting on as being from the Amana Colony!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Lisa, my older sister went to Cornell College in Mt. Vernon Iowa, near the Amana colonies. After her graduation, we went there for a meal. Incredible food served family style. I was ten years old.

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    Is that you and Bob~?
    I know the second one
    must be you and mom,
    a dead give away was that
    Leonardo must have known
    who planted that seed in you
    of that broad Mona Lisa’s smile~!
    Beats forty four words by a mile~!

    Opened my seeds
    and started to count,
    just wanted to be sure
    there was the right amount
    one, two, three, four, then swore~!
    when some them just fell the floor
    picked them up, and started again,
    Would be sore if less than forty four~!

    I am trying to learn and sometime consider you my MENTOR ~~ is this how I am supposed to do it~?
    I note that on their site, that they talk about Emily Dickinson.
    Now that really got my attention, because she was my heroine ~!
    I like the fact that she figured out how to never worry about that stupid comma thing.
    Maybe that is where I learned to use the tilde~? Beats some jerk taking you to task about it~!

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  2. kim881

    I love how you captured a moment of realisation, Judy, in the ’turn from daily tasks’. It’s wonderful to understand where a ‘scrap of art, a poem, a tale’ come from, and sad to think that some people don’t have that.

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  3. Dale T Wilson

    Like a haiku, your Quadrille captures an essence, a clear distillation of a moment.
    Or, as in this portrayal, a motive. I like this
    one, immensely. Beautiful.

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