What the —-? Palinode for dVerse Poets.

The Invitation

“You are invited to a party at our house, Saturday at 7.
Please bring a dish to share and what you want to drink.”


The Reply

Pot Luck?
What the F—?

If I’m to bring a dish to share and also what I drink,
just who’s throwing the party? It sounds like me, I think.
If I’m going to cook a dish and also buy the wine,
I think I’ll just stay home instead, where all of it is mine!
The purpose for a party is for entertaining friends—
Not the other way around. This said, my poem ends!

25 thoughts on “What the —-? Palinode for dVerse Poets.

  1. M. Oniker

    I don’t mind potlucks, in theory and in moderation. Two places I used to work, and where my cow-orkers (not a typo) were people I didn’t want to socialize with, used to do “voluntary” (mandatory) potlucks nearly every week. It was pure torture. When I lived in CA with foodie friends the potlucks were a delight.


  2. kim881

    We don’t have potlucks in the UK, at least not that I know of. I’ve never been to one. I agree, Judy, that if someone invites you to their home, they are the hosts and should provide the food. I prefer to serve my own food in my own home.

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