Highlights of Travel for Sunday Stills

Please click on photos to enlarge and read captions.

For me, the best travel memories always involve people. Here are some of my favorite people in some of my favorite vacation spots of my life. I could have gone on with this all day, but had to stop. Other memorable vacation spots but too little time..


For Sunday Stills: Favorite Vacation Spot

16 thoughts on “Highlights of Travel for Sunday Stills

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I got so into this that I worked for 5 hours looking through photos on my computer and in albums and loose photos in folders. Must say I’m not as adventurous as I once was. My favorite mode of travel is now by car.


  1. Leslie Johansen Nack

    Thanks for sharing those fabulous pictures. You really have been everywhere haven’t you? You should continue to post in a regular way about your travels. You’ve done so much and have so much to share. I for one am very interested in seeing your pictures.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Will do. I have to figure out where some are. They must be on slides as I’ve looked through all my albums and envelopes of photos. Once I die I’m sure they’ll all be thrown away as I have no kids other than stepkids who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in my life. I can pass the family photos down to my nieces, I guess. I’m sure they have no knowledge of the family on this side before their grandmother but I have all the old family photos going back hundreds of years.


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