Old Wall, New Flower: FOTD May 23, 2021

Old Wall, New Flower

(Click on flowers to increase size of photos.)

When we cut back the huge wall of greenery against the wall, it revealed the need for a new paint job, but our view of Mt. Garcia was restored. I had forgotten that I even had a view of it from the ground floor. This beautiful hibiscus then photobombed the view, but we don’t mind.

For Cee’s FOTD

11 thoughts on “Old Wall, New Flower: FOTD May 23, 2021


    I especially liked this and posted a comment about it, which in the magic of WordPress went into “never never” land. I especially like the color combination of the first photo. Almost only seen in a special paintings, but then nature and your photo skill did better than that. This is one I would enjoy having on my wall and I do not have many photos there, only paintings.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I really admire your hibiscus. Listen, I just wanted to warn you that I’m getting double, sometimes triple emails about you posts. This happens to me, too and I think it’s just one more WP “block” glitches, but just so you know.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Is it possibly because they have links in them so each link sends an email? I am notified of posts only through notifications so don’t know much about the email notices. By any chance, when you get the email notices, are my poems in paragraph rather than line form? That has started to happen on the initial notice in notifications. Then if you click on the post, it changes to line form. So strange.



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