Birthday Heist

Birthday Heist

The rumors are untrue. He is a scurrilous liar.
I did not steal the birthday cake. I did not start the fire.

My serenity is not a ruse. I’m innocent of error.
I swear I had no hand in your recent birthday terror.

The dog has done his utmost to brand me as the thief,
but the fool is barely lucid. Could you not see his relief

when you started to upbraid me as he chased me, headed south,
crumbs falling from his chest hair, frosting around his mouth?

Oh that I knew your language and I could tell you that,
but instead, for ever after, you’ll be blaming “that damn cat!!”

Evidence of an earlier crime:

Prompt words today are liars, lucid, scurrilous, utmost and serenity.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Heist

  1. Lou Carreras

    When I was a kid the cat and dog were a team. My godparents brought over a fancy cake. the cat knocked it off the table, and the dog ate about half of it. Reading your post brought back the memory; and the cat was forever blamed while the dog licked its chops.



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