Making Hay

Making Hay

Take dinner at your leisure but with breakfast please make haste
lest one minute of your day you should think to waste.

Contemplate your choices. Delegate with care.
Of capricious working mates, I warn you to beware.

If you nurse idle habits, they’re sure to grow and thrive,
so don’t rest on your laurels while you are still alive.

Life is given as a gift so please don’t abuse it.
What a waste of riches if you choose not to use it.

Prompt words today are breakfastcapricious, hastedelegate and nurse. If you don’t understand the  allusion in the title, go HERE for enlightenment. Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash. Used with permission.

7 thoughts on “Making Hay

  1. slmret

    I’m living life in the slow lane these days — but doing what I can to be positive and productive! Believe it of not, I had never seen round hay bales until I was about 50 years old — always the oblong ones iin this part of the world!



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