Dressed to Kill the Blues

Dressed to Kill the Blues

If you’re feeling washed out like your blossoming’s through,
feeling less than capricious and aged and blue,
why not ransack your closet to find something gaudy,
colorful, crazy, a little bit bawdy?

Don’t nurse a depression that you can dress up.
Why be a sad dog when you could be a pup?
Wilder clothes make you happy. Put joie in your vivre.
Tight clothes and stilettos—a  trick up your sleeve.

That impulse to give up is something to hide.
Folks will respond to what they see outside.
So when life deals the doldrums, why give in and mess it up?

You will feel better if only you  dress it up.

Prompts for the day are washed out, nurse, capricious, ransack and  blossoming.


Lest you think this is how my friends and I always dress, I’ll reveal that this was a Poor Taste party I threw one New Years Eve. Friends were to come dressed in the worst possible taste and to bring a dish that was tacky but delicious. It was a fun party!!!! 

10 thoughts on “Dressed to Kill the Blues

    1. Anonymous

      Not sure about the title (kill the blues) but it sound like a fun thing to plan again now that we’re coming out the otherside of covid. My friends and I did that years ago, called it a Titanic party and wore furs, hats and other fun stuff. I came as a maid and had one tooth blacked out! We also had a Freida Kahlo party last year. Was also fun.

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  1. Dale T. Wilson

    OMGoddess, Judith. Just what I needed to hear. Now, to find that boa….(Fortunately, never had a string bikini!)



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