A Walk in Summer Rain, FOTD June 27, 2021

I went out to the garden to try to find a flower to photograph for today’s FOTD prompt. A slight misty rain cooled the air and the almost constant precipitation over the past 24 hours had jeweled the leaves and flowers. As you will see from the photos below, I couldn’t stop.







4 thoughts on “A Walk in Summer Rain, FOTD June 27, 2021


    What is the message to the right of the calaca that Isidro wrote. I think that I got it all, but I am not sure…

    Raining here too, and I made a pass around my house taking photos of my near house wild flowers, I could not venture very far out, due to the Indian Blanket having now gone to seed, which also means tiny stickers in my legs, trousers and dog… My Star of Texas Hibiscus is in full bloom right now, and due to this rain so is the cenizo (Texas sage) the rock roses an Turks cap, are also beautiful, but my Frangipai will not be ready for another week or so before they bloom (I must grow them in pots here) I get jealous that you can have them most of the year~! I spend an hour each evening just pulling seed stickers off of Tami before I can let her on my bed. I think that she and those cats roll in the stickers just for the attention they get from my grooming them.

    After a week with my friend visiting, I am feeling much, much better and looking to get back to full meanness again~! All I needed was decent food and affection~! For a while I thought this was going to be “IT”, that pneumonia really had me down~!

    Will post pictures tomorrow when I have had one less “Southern Comfort Old Fashion”. When you get to the States, let me know where you are…and if you pass anywhere near here, let me know, so we can, at least have lunch together.



    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Sam.. I only have a 4 hour layover in Houston during my trip from Guadalajara to St. Paul on July 2. But, to answer your question about the poem, I have just posted a blog entitled “There is Always Music.”



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