Update Fatigue

Update Fatigue

I’m frenetically trying to dance to the beat,
determined that I don’t become obsolete.
I try not to repeat the historical me,
but I fear I’m as modern as I’m going to be.

This deluge of new things to learn and to do—
updates to look up and new settings to view—
leaves me no time for just simply living,
for petting the cat and for chatting and giving.

There’s no app for real life and so I’m less queasier,
finding my off-line life to be much easier.
Rules don’t change in a confusing whirr.
Positions don’t shift. Things remain where they were.

I’m simply not fit for the internet crew.
Too often I’m swamped over what I must do
to keep up with the changes and so I’m retiring.
All my accounts are slowly expiring.

Amazon, Facebook, WordPress and Skype
I’ll leave to the more agile changeable type
of online explorer who likes daily derangements,
frequent repositionings and rearrangements.

I’ll sit here on my porch that remains where it was
with my laptop unopened simply because
without viruses, hackers and updates and spam,
I can just rest and remain who I am!



So my instant updatesI think I’ll turn off.

imbue view queue cue do dew few hue Jew knew loo moo mew new pew rue sue too view woo eschew sue two too to view whew woo you zoo

Word prompts today are deluge, repeat,frenetic, obsolete and plea.

21 thoughts on “Update Fatigue

      1. Sadje

        Yes, many people are fed up with the all too frequent updates and changes in our commonly used programs and apps. And despite that they don’t get better in functionality!


  1. Mason Bushell

    The cat on the keyboard is so cute!

    I agree to, the online world forces us all to be something more or less than who we are. Forces us to do what we sometimes don’t want and makes it very hard to relax. Good poem.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. venzvox

        I suspect it’s an age thing but when look at the rate of change in our lifetimes something had to give. Their time for update fatigue will come, I am sure. Probably sooner than they think.

        Liked by 1 person


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