Solar Debacle

Solar Debacle

Dad decided it would be wise
if we could  economize
by finally going fully solar
as skies turned overcast and polar.
No hot baths. No stove or fridge.
No TV, no lights for bridge.

Seeing the cards was too much trouble.
Mom couldn’t trump. Sis couldn’t double.
And so it was unanimous
that no one felt magnanimous.
We were one in our conviction
of our father’s dereliction.

All of us just felt derision
over Dad’s ill-timed decision.
Solar’s fine when there is sun,
but when all is said and done,
life is short and it’s no fun
when Mother Nature gives us none.


Since I’m in Mountain Standard time, it is only 11:42 here, so even though my blog is set for Central time, I’m counting this as getting in under the line before midnight.

Prompt words today are solar, bridge, magnanimous, convict and trouble. Free photo found on

11 thoughts on “Solar Debacle

  1. slmret

    Love this — I have friends in the desert whose house is fully solar powered, but thery have storage batteries for the days and nights when there is no sun! And I loved my solar powered water heater in Sacramento in the 80’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have solar for the house and a solar hot water heater. I like it, although I don’t have storage batteries. This poem was powered by the prompts. An odd collection this day.



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