Be it cleaning out the closets or the pantry or garage,
I do not mind the grunt work nor the labor or barrage
of details that may add to the hours of my work.
I do not seek avoidance and make no attempts to shirk.

When I’m on a roll and in the spell of my creation,
the only way to curb me is probably sedation.
for when I’m in the throes of work is when I’m most sublime.
I’m an expatriate from worry. I come unfixed in time.

I do not ask for recess and I only take a break
for water or the potty. These are all the rests I take.
I make no excuses to quit and come back later,
because for me these marathons are a mood-elevator.

I don’t regard the task-at-hand as drudgery or working,
so I make no attempts at avoidance or at shirking. 
Be it working in the studio, arranging, cutting, gluing,
or cleaning out friends’ clutter, I’m happiest when doing!


Prompts today are break, sedate, expatriate, regard and elevator.
Image by Neonbrand on Unsplash. Used with permission.


10 thoughts on “Workaholic

  1. slmret

    I need to frame this and hang it on the wall! My problem is getting started — once that is done, I can complete small portions of the work at hand!



    If you really mean what you say, I would like to invite you into my shop, If you can get into it~! I do lLike that health kit though~! I would need it several times a day when I trip over things on the floor~!



    Oh, shortly after I took Shirley to the Hospice, I had to come home to take a bath and change clothes. I had left dishes dirty and was cleaning one of those power blender / mixers that you put down into the glass… My mind was far off on other things and I was wiping the sharp blade down…I did not think that it may be plugged in, and accidentally hit the switch with my other hand… So I sliced three fingers through the nails and to the bone cutting the tip off of one… Being alone, I drove myself to the emergency ward and an “almost a doctor” stitched up those three fingers including the one cut so bad… He did this while I sat in the hallway as the ward was full~! A beautiful job and the only thing is that the end of that one finger has no feeling in it~! But as you know from living with Bob, a person who deals with power tools has their problems as the many scars on my hands show.

    My problem now is dropping things on the floor and the sawdust and other things hide them, though I have a central vacuum system it has it’s limits. I am in the process of trying to get that huge shop cleaned up, and will not let anyone see it… This is why I never did finish showing “the barn” off.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh no. Oh no. Your poor fingers. Oh damn!!!! Can’t believe you drove yourself to the hospital. Bob loved drumming and had made many drums and collected others but after he cut his finger off he could never stand the feeling of drumming again so our drum party days were over.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        He would have loved my collection of native drums etc. one thing I used to build here is called a Cajon pronounced “K hon” It is a box that you can sit on and has openings toward the bottom and a door spring inside, (for the rattle) so it doubles as a drum when slapped with your hands… To Creole or Cajun music of course~! Hope you got your ice cream, I got sausage~! (and so did Tami~!)



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