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Be it cleaning out the closets or the pantry or garage,
I do not mind the grunt work nor the labor or barrage
of details that may add to the hours of my work.
I do not seek avoidance and make no attempts to shirk.

When I’m on a roll and in the spell of my creation,
the only way to curb me is probably sedation.
for when I’m in the throes of work is when I’m most sublime.
I’m an expatriate from worry. I come unfixed in time.

I do not ask for recess and I only take a break
for water or the potty. These are all the rests I take.
I make no excuses to quit and come back later,
because for me these marathons are a mood-elevator.

I don’t regard the task-at-hand as drudgery or working,
so I make no attempts at avoidance or at shirking. 
Be it working in the studio, arranging, cutting, gluing,
or cleaning out friends’ clutter, I’m happiest when doing!


Prompts today are break, sedate, expatriate, regard and elevator.
Image by Neonbrand on Unsplash. Used with permission.





Crumbs are what’s left when day is done––
Proof you may have missed the fun.
While some were celebrating lives,
you were busy in your hives:
every drudge and every jerk
fussing over busy work.

Yes, do your job and do it well,

but when you hear the ending bell,
close your desk drawers, leave your toils.
When work is over, enjoy the spoils.
Life, in short, is what you make it.

Savor your cake. Don’t simply bake it.


The prompt today is crumb.  Love this one! What in the world will come of it?