Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

I’d bet a batch of raviolis
that you’ve blown your bronchioles
since you’ve gone completely wacko
over hand-rolled fine tobacco.

Your affection for your smoking
that at first was grounds for joking
raises qualms about the rumor
that  you’ve found you have a tumor.

I must admit that I find strange.
your haughty refusal  to change
that causes worry among your friends

that you’ll come to tragic ends.

To me is seems you must be showing

that your puffing and your blowing
is more important in your life
than your children or your wife.

I wonder if you’ll feel elation
on the day of your cremation
as all of you goes up in smoke.
And that will be your final joke!

Prompt words today are bronchiole, qualms, nourish, haughty and affection.

9 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Well now thanks for the prompt words, See I can use them too~!! You will find my effort in “JOE COLLEGE” posted today, I take credit for courage, but actually it just never appealed to me, I had better things to do with my hands and mouth~! The girls kept their hands busy knitting socks~! Many do not get the connection~! They also sat in a full bath tub with new Levi’s, then wore them until they dried, to make them fit, before stretch fashion fabrics. Oh the things we did that no longer exist~! Now they keep their hands busy fingering a cell phone, but some still stick a cigarette into their mouth as well~!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. venzvox

    A poem to take note of; however, your duck in the image looks like it is smoking something much more ‘relaxing’ than tobacco.



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