In recrimination’s marathon, we must forge an accord
to cease our constant bickering and pass the drinking gourd.
Sustain our forgiveness and forget ills of the past.
To pass around the platter and share a fine repast.

So many ills done to each other but to stem the scarlet flow
of blood we’ve spilled for ages, we must find that place to go
where brother meets with brother in spite of faith or creed.
We must put away our prejudice and put away our greed.

What we share in common must supplant our differences.
We must concentrate on styles that take us over fences.
With all of our advances in technology and mind,
surely we can find a way to unite humankind.

Prompt words for the day are accord, scarlet, sustain, forgiveness and marathon.

13 thoughts on “Entente


    Oh Judy, you have done it again, another keeper for me; and I can think of a few people that I would like to send it to~!….. What great advice and “forward looking”, thinking~! Now if we could only get “all those others” to think that way too, what a great improved life we would have….

    The pictures also show me memories of the good side of life, laughter, camaraderie and love for one another. I must admit that I am not as gregarious as I once was, but my dreams go back to those days of fiestas and all of the folklórico celebrations I attended, each section of the country used local excuses for having a fiesta and they were always GRAND~!

    Memories of the Parrandas and parties under a palapa, where if a person had to much to drink and was causing unrest, he was just tied to the center post of the palapa so the rest of us could dance away the night to good loud cha cha cha, chicky cha, cumbia, merecumbe and meringue~!

    I guess I would be dancing slower today, but would like to try if I could find the right person no faster or lighter than I am. There was even a humane way of dealing with a trouble maker in such times; he could stay but he did it their way.


  2. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    The press of people and colours in your photos makes my mind reel, Judy. I wonder if our brains have been permanently changed now and whether we will ever be able to come together again for our mutual and common benefit. Thanks for your thoughtful poem, Judy.



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