Return to Sender (For the “Let It Bleed” Prompt)

Return to Sender

Tell it, please, to Cupid and to the cooing dove.
I don’t require a second chance at the game of love.
I’ve said goodbye to mystery, nostalgia and the moon.
I find the very topic of love to be jejune.

Once I was its addict, but I’ve quenched my lovelorn thirst.
I’m immune to its magic, its betrayal and what’s worst,
its transitory nature which conspires to betray
all those yearning feelings one collects along its way.

I hereby vent my sorrows and hold a mirror to
all those scattered memories to bring them into view.
Zesty looks that falter and  vows that always fail
fly away to shadows and the wintry gale.

Passions pause with time and hearts once flushed and tender,
offered up with love are now “returned to sender.”
Love blinding in its brilliance is destined to depart,
creating that inevitable sunset of the heart.


In the above poem, I used all of these words given for the Randomness Inked, Let It Bleed prompt :
addict, always, betray, conspire, fail, fly, goodbye, love, magic, mirror, moon, mystery, nostalgia, pause, scatter, second chance ,shadows, sunset ,thirst, time, transitory,, vent, winters and zest

For Randomness Inked, Let It Bleed.

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