Hermit’s Creed

Hermit’s Creed

Although they stand stiffly at attention,
these walls reach out

and hold me safe within their middle.
They stand guardian,
cushioning sound,
deflecting sharp edges.
Lucky me to have their protection.
Foolish me to leave their arms.
Yet the butterfly
soars over and away.


For dVerse Poets “Stand” Quadrille prompt. The only rule for a quadrille poem is that it must have  exactly 44 words. If you want to read other poems written to this prompt, go HERE.

23 thoughts on “Hermit’s Creed

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks to the Quadrille rules. I had to add something, and I like what resulted as well. It adds a bit of optimism to the ending. To each its own.. and a sort of memory.


  1. parneetsachdev

    What a beautiful home and how safe these walls are. Yet if we want to soar and fly, we do leave these walls. Only to return one day. A lovely poem.
    I like the theme of your blog. The celebration of life.



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