Blossoming Creed


Blossoming Creed

Life, let me be a conduit to a positive future.
Let me not be bound by tradition even though I honor it.
Let me not be deterred by the lack of success
of those who went before me,
but let me learn from their experience.
Let me take pleasure from small successes
but aim for larger ones.
Let me create my own path
in a manner pleasurable to me,
be it bulldozer or pruning shears,
drawing pencil or paint brush.
Let my world be a new one
never before seen
and let me fit within it
with joy and open arms
for those who wish to join me in it.


Prompts today are conduit and tradition.  Image from Unsplash.

17 thoughts on “Blossoming Creed

    1. lifelessons Post author

      A gardener would notice that. There is a flower that has that daffodil shape with bulbous middle before the frill at the bottom but I could not remember what it is. Bet you know. Daffodil was as close as I could get.

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      1. M. Oniker

        This non-gardner (I have a serious brown thumb) noticed that format right off the bat. 🙂 The photo gave it away, otherwise I would have noticed the shape was intentional but I wouldn’t have known what the shape was supposed to be.



    Oh WOW~!! Judy this should become your CREED on your blog. It describes you so well~! I like it in every way but if used more broadly your own photo as a young person may even add to the story and the poem~! 101 percent on this one, when do you start putting these to hard print~?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Sam, I have 2 books all ready to go and 2 more written without the final format, another formatted except for the remaining illustrations, but I just don’t push through and do it. Don’t know why. Motivating kicks welcome.


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