New Dress, Two Sizes Too Small


New Dress, Two Sizes Too Small

Once I hone my figure, this will fit me like a glove.
Not one curve will be awry. I’ll be in shape for love.
I’ll put myself in training and walk a mile a day.
I’ll pack up all my cake pans and stow them all away.

I’ll give up chips and chocolate and concentrate on kale,
and after just a month or two, be skinny as a rail.
I have such fine convictions. I know I’ll reach my goal,
and to celebrate, I think I’ll have another roll!



Prompt words are awry, hone, train, figure and  glove. Dress image by Sharon McCutcheon. Cinnamon roll image by Dilyara Garifullina, both on Unsplash.

25 thoughts on “New Dress, Two Sizes Too Small

  1. Mason Bushell

    What a great poem about the desire to lose a little weight and fit into a dress! I’ve just taken back to the treadmill myself. The problem is writing exercises the brain the rest of the body just seems to get bigger and bigger!

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    HA~! I was just thinking this morning that if I had a BIGGER butt like some folks have and a smaller GUT, then my pants would not fall down as often, and I would not need suspenders or a very tight belt….to each their own~!

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      1. Michael B. Fishman

        The message I got was that we should go ahead and eat what we want (being mindful of our health or course) and not allowing our waistline or appearance be a roadblock to thoughts of our being ‘lovable’, or of finding love. Being ‘in shape for love’ is just being human and being kind.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      When I began my interim fast a year ago, I had a pair of two or three sizes too-small capris that I hung in my bathroom on the towel rack and tried to try on every few days. At first I couldn’t even pull them up unzipped, but pound by pound I could pull them up farther and after four months I could pull them up without unzipping them. Coincidentally, I’m wearing them now. Don’t throw your dress away. Just hang it somewhere prominent where you can see it every day and use it as a goal and as you lose weight, try it on now and then.

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