Not in the Cards (An Art Dealer’s Lament)

Not in the Cards
(An Art Dealer’s Lament)

I hear your family reads tea leaves and
can tell the future from a hand.
And it’s been said that being mystic
tends to make one altruistic;
but insufficient evidence
exists in proof of this and hence,
moving forward, I must state
it is a truth I must debate.

Your sister’s painting of the farm
shows some skill, a certain charm,
with animals in states of grace
which normally is not the case.
Stallion, bantam rooster, steer
are not the best of friends, I fear.
And that pig you lately ate
likely knew its horrid fate.

I’ve no need to excoriate
your peaceful kingdom, but of late
realism is the trend
in the paintings that I vend.
It’s clear your sister did not foresee
what my response was going to be,
for her depictions of rural glee
are not the canvasses for me.

Prompt words today are altruistic, farm, canvas, forward, insufficient.

5 thoughts on “Not in the Cards (An Art Dealer’s Lament)

  1. Mason Bushell

    Ahh fortune-telling, the ability to cold read a client and then take their money in exchange for a load of rubbish they can relate to. At least for most fortune tellers that is. I believe some have the genuine ability. They’ll be the ones who never charge.
    A fun poem, Judy, well done.



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