Rainy Day Doldrums

Rainy Day Doldrums

I’m frenetic with fog, frustrated by rain.
Drop after drop, again and again.
Drumming on roof tiles and gushing in gutters.
Dropping from drain spouts in loud splashing mutters.
Too cold and too dark to chance a meander,
I pull back the drapes to take a small gander.
This poem is a tribute to dryness and sun.
I’ll be glad when the rainy season is done.

I pull back the drapes to have a small ganderPrompts today are fog, frenetic, gander, tribute and glad.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Doldrums

    1. lifelessons Post author

      So strange this time. I wrote the poem line by line as I looked at the prompts, without looking at the prompt that came afterward until I’d completed the line for the one that came first. They all just fit perfectly together.

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