Beautiful Bird Flower tree (Pedilanthus bracteatus) Flower: FOTD, Sept 8, 2021

Sam of Los Perdidos Figured it out! This unusual flower is the bloom of the Pedilantus Bracteatus or “Beautiful Bird Flower Tree.”  Thanks, Sam, for solving the mystery. Below was my original plea for a solution to what it is:

This is one of the most unusual succulent blooms I’ve ever seen It looks like a little person is inside with head erect and arms held out in front. The blooms are on the ends of very long stalks. Does anyone know what it is? Of course, I had to buy it along with the planter arrangement it was part of.

For Cee’s FOTD

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Bird Flower tree (Pedilanthus bracteatus) Flower: FOTD, Sept 8, 2021


    Wow~! I have never seen one like this~! Let us know when it is identified and where is came from please~~~ Grows like a “Jack in the pulpit” but does not look like it at all.. If it smells terrible, then you know it may be related…Ha~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      No odor. Someone will figure it out. I am no good on those search engines…something about my locational dyslexia that makes it hard for me to follow the directions on them. I know. Crazy. I absolutely cannot make myself read directions. I’m an experiential learner…You gotta show me!!



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