Win Some, Lose Some



It is such a wonderful synchronicity that Santiago (Yolanda’s grandchild and Juan Pablo and Emilia’s baby) would be born twenty years to the day since Bob’s death. If living so closely connected to my pets and nature for the past two years since the Coronavirus sent us all home to play has taught me anything, it is to have an intense appreciation for being a part of it all as well as an awareness that nature keeps recycling us along with the rest of its creation.

In addition to photos of Santiago, I thought I’d share with you the little memorial to Bob I have installed for the day–the 20th anniversary of his death–as well as this snuggie that hopefully Santiago will fit into by the time the weather gets cold, holding the Teddy bear I couldn’t resist buying for him in the U.S. Yes, I know I just published a photo of the little jumpsuit, but the Teddy bear just looked so cute on its lap that I had to show it again.

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