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Changing Places




Changing Places

When I was just a little sprout,
I liked to boss my world about,
but now that I am old and gray,
I’m merely keeping it at bay.
Howbeit that life I used to rule
when I was a kid in school
has come to be the boss of me—
determining what I hear and see?

One-by-one, each faculty
just seems to be deserting me.
I find I’m often in the clutch
of a world that doesn’t listen much.
I’m less intrepid in my demands
as joints and organs, bones and glands
furnish surprises, glitches, quirks.
It’s sufficient if my body works!





Old and New: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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Made by Human Beings, for sure!!!

Isn’t it amazing what we can create? Click to enlarge photos.

For Cee’s “Made by Human Beings” black and white prompt.


Version 2

Baby’s First Soda Pop

When finally a kid is poppable,
once the bottle is untoppable,
the overflow may be unstoppable.
It’s fortunate the floor is moppable!

(The WordPress prompt to day was “Unstoppable.”