Bridge Game

Bridge Game

Free from any adversary, safe from all deceptions,
the captain ruled his ship without yielding to exceptions.
So the cruise proceeded with ease from day to night,
and if any denizen was made to feel contrite,
it was not the captain who was made to feel the shame,
for when upon the water, he was spared from any blame
and so felt no contrition for all that he declared,
no matter how incongruous or how reason-impaired.
He was not held accountable for any misjudged thing,
for within his dominion, he was undisputed king.


Prompt words today are adversary, exception, cruise, contrite and safe. Image by Daniele D. Andreti on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Bridge Game

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I used to be an obsessive bridge player. You know, the one who’s up all night with three other insane people, bidding and laughing and going back for more. Ironically, in other years, other times, I might very well have leapt at any ship which guaranteed uninterrupted bridge games. My husband could go and do what he is really good at, lying in the sun and reading while he cooks and I could play bridge until my brain slipped out of my ears.

    So, would you believe I married the ONLY Marine who NEVER learned to play cards and doesn’t know a heart from a club? He doesn’t even know how to play solitaire. He is a vicious trivial pursuits player, but no card games. It cured me of my bridge habit, though I still play online — which is almost like really playing except your other players always play the same way and never do anything unexpected. Just like playing with a computer (oh, wait, this IS a computer).

    Getting a foursome together out here in the sticks would probably be at best unlikely. I couldn’t find a game when we lived IN Boston because every group required that you bring your own partner. Sigh. If I had a partner, I wouldn’t have been looking for a game.

    So your little poem amused me mightily and now, I’m thinking about ships on the sea and a bridge table with snacks and meals delivered all day and night. Oh the joy of a vicious bridge game that leaves at least one married set of partners heading for the rocks!

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