Obituary of a Jerk: Wordle 521, Oct 3, 2021


The Obituary of a Jerk

We are loath to depict his despicable face,
for when it came to living, he just used up space.
He first saw to his own comfort all of his life,
never thinking of kids or parents or wife.
No slur to his family was ever avenged.
He had little time as he gorged and he binged.

One never knew if he could or he couldn’t.
Maybe he would or maybe he wouldn’t
get places on time, even given a ticket—
advance plans “a bit of the old sticky wicket.”
A fact all his family found a bit lame,
for he wasn’t British—in lineage or name.

And no matter how crammed the sofa might get,
he’d never stand when he found he could sit.
He’d say “Pull up a chair,” and when you had done it,
he’d use it himself–just plop his buns on it!
And although you may think that’s as bad as it gets,
don’t make any wagers. Don’t take any bets.

I’ve got so many stories depicting his greed
that you’d have to stay here for hours to read
the tales of his excesses, selfishness, binging.
They’re unbelievable–really unhinging.
He frittered away his kids’ college savings
on fishing trips, camping and personal cravings.

Their summer earnings bought his new car,
then he spent all the rest for rounds at the bar.
So  when it comes to expressing our grief,
you’ll find all his eulogies startlingly brief.
He was born and he prospered, then sickened and perished
unmourned and ungrieved-for, unloved and uncherished.


For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 521 the prompt words were avenge, lame, sit, ticket, cram, here, gets, pulls, maybe, used, space, comfort

17 thoughts on “Obituary of a Jerk: Wordle 521, Oct 3, 2021


    O. M. G. ~! Yes I knew him well~!

    But now he is dead, though we still must all deal with the people, including his prodigy, due to the damage he did through his hate filled, egotistical, self centered way, throughout by his stinking time on earth ~!

    Sorry,,,, we both have already spent more words on him than he deserved~! I think that the biblical epitaph of Lazerth would be more appropriate: “LORD BY NOW HE STINKITH” ~ ~ ~ I just hope that Jesus does not come along and mess it up~!

    And as to your poetic summation of him; THANKS~! You wrote something I wish I had personally said to him before it was too late, in a way so well said~!

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