Expired Lothario

Expired Lothario

A veritable heart-swoon in those days that he was young,
handsome, dashing, fleet-of-foot and, rumor says, well-hung,
these days when he ogles, it’s sorta through a mist.
It’s been so many years now since he has been kissed.

Just at the point when long ago he might have been gripping,
it seems as though these days it is more likely he’ll be tripping.
Whereas once he wooed at leisure, his romancing days are done.
His smoking pistol hasn’t fired for years. (Pardon the pun.)


Prompt words for today are mist, ogle, gripping, veritable and leisure.

4 thoughts on “Expired Lothario


    How did you get this photo of me, and just what do you know about my pistol~? The rest is VERY true except the kissing part, Tami kisses me several times a day and I have not tripped in several days~! Love the poem Judy, especially the true part~!

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