The Confessions of a Halloween Candy Hoarder

The Confessions of a Halloween Candy Hoarder

I do not accept your recent accusal
as anything but an attempt to bamboozle
me out of the vestiges of my collection
of Halloween candy that’s skipped your detection.

I’m thankful that I’m neither trustful nor dumb
enough to be functioning under your thumb,
for I find repugnant your plans to abscond
with all of the candy with which I’ve grown fond.

For though you gobbled your candy down quickly,
going through all of it lickety-splickly,
I like to keep my candy yield near
and eat one piece a day for the rest of the year!

When days are balmy, butterscotch is nice.
I save all my chocolate for snow days and ice.
And when the campfire sparkles and flickers,
I like to devour my Halloween Snickers.

If it annoys you, you’ll have to make do
with a few M&M’s that I hid in my shoe.
The rest of my candy is where I have hidden it,
to be consumed when only I’ve bidden it.

Prompts for the day are vestige, repugnant, bamboozle, balmy and thankful.

13 thoughts on “The Confessions of a Halloween Candy Hoarder

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. He actually buys bags of Reeses and then turns out all the lights and eats them himself. We only turn on the lights and welcome trick and treaters when I visit him. And yes, then we do share his candy.


  1. ellenbest24

    Brava! What is mine is mine! I too like certain treats like phizzy snails rainbow belts and pigs tails. Haribo sour fizzing pops all the sweet sour should have nots and if someone purchases them for me, … I will scoff the lot instead of my tea.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Yes but the folks whose houses you are trick and treating at wouldn’t know that, and would be sure to give you lots of chocolate I could save you from. And you’d have the bonus of all of my sours!


            1. lifelessons Post author

              Must admit I haven’t been trick or treating for about sixty years either. I love handing out the candy, though. I guess for the past few years that hasn’t been possible either, though.


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