A Vampire’s Lament


On the Wagon
(A Vampire’s Lament)

I’m facing a whole month of sober
now that it’s almost October.
Passing up my gin and tonic
for a drink more histrionic.

Need I say I merely ask
liquid refreshment from a flask?
All said and done, I much prefer
to drink from glass and not from her.

I find this other way of curbing
my addictive thirst disturbing.
All that blood that sucking draws
is neater when it’s done through straws.

Alas, I find this vampire curse
most distressing. Nothing worse
could be my fate except perhaps
karma so far kept under wraps.

An Easter curse would be the dregs—
to spend all April sucking eggs!


For Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge: Vampire Image by Dinu J. Nair on Unsplash.

10 thoughts on “A Vampire’s Lament

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Must admit those little umbrellas always thrilled me a bit. I have a whole box of them I bought for my seventieth birthday party and then I got sick and had to call it off. Perhaps for my eightieth.



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