Logorrhea *

You’re wearing out our neurons with your tedious lengthly screed.
You’ve made us weep with boredom and you’ve made our eardrums bleed.
Please cease your tedious lectures about people we don’t know.
We’re tired of your illnesses and other tales of woe.
The remnants of our patience grow dangerously thin.
We’ve seen your family pictures and know everywhere you’ve been.
Have you heard of asking questions and surrendering the floor?
Have you ever thought of stopping while your listeners want more?
Do you realize that others have stories to relate?
This is a truth, my boring friend, not open to debate.
We’d like to share a secret that isn’t very tough, it
is to take your next comment and this is where to stuff it!!



   * Logorrhea: a pathological inability to stop talking. (Diarrhea of the mouth.)
   * Screed: a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.

The prompts today are neuron, remnant, screed and wear.


10 thoughts on “Logorrhea

  1. okcForgottenMan

    Oy, can I ever relate to this post! I have a few dear friends who just find the first opportunity to start yammering, and they never stop! Talking about this and that and this again, and we’re all nodding our heads politely but thinking “Is he/she EVER gonna stop?!” Yeah, they just go on and on and on and on repeating themselves. I mean the repeating, am I right?! And, yeah, they talk about their illnesses like we don’t have our own to worry about like my stubbed toe from the other night when I thought I was just about gonna DIE but didn’t which is just as well ’cause I have those other medical issues that I won’t mention because I know it wouldn’t be proper in good company, but you know that gallstones are no fun and that damn rash on my thighs just keeps growing and did I mention that I stubbed my toe the other day? Or was it night? Doesn’t matter, but I did stub it but I won’t bore y’all with the details of my health issues, ’cause that would not be proper in this forum, but I can tell y’all that that rash has risen above my thighs if you get my drift and that’s enough about that but it’s a problem. Oh, how I hate how those folk ramble on and on and on and on in such repetitive fashion! And they think we care, right? Like we would care about a story about someone we don’t even know who did something they think is kinda weird, but we think “Well, not really weird and definitely not interesting.” Like this woman I know from long ago tells me this story about the friend of a friend of hers who I don’t know and she goes into minute detail about how she found a large spider in her bed and how she tried to kill it, first smashing it with a pillow, then a book. I mean, why would we care?! I mean, yeah, she finally dispatched the spider, but so what? Ya know? (Ok, she finally kilt it with a bigger book, but so what?) And then there’s the “secrets” they share, like we’re supposed to even care! Yeah, so my friend’s friend’s cousin got overly friendly with a Shetland pony. So what? I would never share that! Ok, I need to refill my mug of rum. I’ll finish this later. I’m sure y’all wanna hear more.



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