Dental Discourse: dVerse Poets Compound Word Verse


Dental Discourse

She could not stand the sad sad sight
of his horrendous overbite.
She arranged to take him to a
dentist, thinking he could do a

She asked the doc what he would charge
to make his overhang less large.
The price he set to make each tooth less
was, I fear, greedy and ruthless

Thus began their drawn-out dicker
that I think would have gone quicker
if his teeth had been less icky,
and the job a much less tricky 

After much talk, they struck a deal,
both thinking that they’d made a steal.
But then with little else to do,
 she said  if he attempted to

she would have his license lifted
no matter how bloody gifted
he might have been (when this all ends)
at cutting down her toothy friend’s



For dVerse Poets prompt: Compound Word Verse Image by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

This form consists of 5  five-line stanzas with aabb rhyme schemes, each containing 8 syllables and each stanza concluding with a three-syllable compound word that had one element the same as all other compound words in the final lines of the stanzas. Phew!

15 thoughts on “Dental Discourse: dVerse Poets Compound Word Verse

  1. robtkistner

    Yes Judy – here in the USofA we have no legal ceiling on what the dentistry industry can charge. It can be most sobering when one gets a dental bill. It’s enough yo make you want to pull your teeth out… 🥴


  2. Grace

    Hi Judy! The form actually calls for a 5 of the 3 line verse, so a total of 15 lines total. I think you are an overachiever and did 25 lines. As to the poem, I hope it all ends well with the tooth.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Mea Culpa… I see that you are right but swear that I got directed to it by someone who had 5 stanzas of 2 rhymed couplets and the compound word! I even copied the directions from it…I must track down what happened. At any rate, I was punished with twice the work! ;o)


  3. Beverly Crawford

    Phew! is correct. I understood the stanzas to be 3 lines (aab) but I used my compound words in the 883 portion of the poem instead of at the end! Your stanza are nicely done nevertheless.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just found a little bag with several teeth in it with gold caps. One I know is gold given to me by my dentist but I think the others are from a dentist friend I made a dental retablo for. I know it sounds grisly, but she gave me some teeth to include in it. I just couldn’t use the human ones, but she told me to keep them. With the price of gold and silver being what it is, I guess I should try to cash them in..ha.



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