Keeping Up


Keeping Up

Celebrations in one’s seventies require an appointment
with your favorite doctor for a painkiller or ointment

for sprains or aches or bruises from one’s excesses of being
a good sport about camping out or ice skating or skiing.

What once you took for granted may now be an act of will
to engineer that final run or execute that hill.
Trying to be a kid again may put you out of touch.
The x-ray that they’ll take today will indicate how much.!


Word prompts today are celebration, x-ray, appointment.

12 thoughts on “Keeping Up

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Right now, everyone feels great because it’s cool, but not cold — and it isn’t raining or snowing. Probably our healthiest time of year. Once we get into winter, it’s time for lidocaine patches and all the rest. I’m not looking forward to winter even though I do love its beauty. It’s just the back pain that seems to be part of the cold, damp weather. Oh well. It’s part of the cycle.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          It really is. And I hate to take painkillers. Put it off as much as possible. Have you tried CBD oil? Another incredibly effective topical painkiller you can get in Mexico is peyote cream. No, you don’t eat it. You rub it in and it is incredible.

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          1. Martha Kennedy

            I can only take Tylenol which is better than nothing. I tried CBD oil and it wasn’t very helpful which was disappointing. But, anyway, I sound like I’m going, “Yes, but…” and I don’t want to. 🙂



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