In a Spuddle

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Forgottenman is the first to add his photo as one. Then Dolly at Koolkosherkitchen contributetd her feline spuddler. Who spuddles! Next?

In a Spuddle

You may think that “spuddle” isn’t a word,
and I agree that it sounds most absurd.
When unsubstantiated, I agreed
that it was unlikely that I’d ever need
a word whose best rhyme turned out to be puddle
or cuddle or muddle or fuddle or huddle,
but when I embarked on an examination,
I found that it wasn’t a mere fabrication,
and though I admit that it seems an anomaly,
as out-of-date as a needlepoint homily,
if you need a word for when you’re forgetful,
fresh from your dreams and still rather fretful,
when you’re befuddled and  in a slight muddle,
the word you might need to describe you is “spuddle.”

Prompt words today are spuddle, unsubstantiated, forgetful, anomaly and examination.

Spuddle: a useful verb from the 17th century that means to work feebly and ineffectively, because your mind is elsewhere or you haven’t quite woken up yet.


So, when trying to illustrate this, I had a bit of a problem finding an adequate photo so I had to stage this one. Can you help me out by contributing one of yourself, fresh from sleep or feeling especially feeble or ineffective? Be warned that I’ll add it to make a gallery above, but could be fun.

Additions: a spuddled cat by Dolly at Koolkosherkitchen. Thanks, Dolly!

20 thoughts on “In a Spuddle

    1. lifelessons Post author

      But it is very hard to use because it is a verb and there seems to be no spuddled or spuddling in the dictionary. I’ve actually used it as a noun, but one can be excused in this state–right?

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Anonymous

    Oh so well done Judy, you turned that one around, showing that you were not spuddled in the least by it~! Great photo too~! You sneaky thing ~! So now that you have spuddled it, just put it back into Pandora’s box and lets forget about it, because I am now over being impressed~!.

    Still celebrating that big weekend… we went to my favorite Mexican place for huevos con chorizo..floated down by the best Margarita around. (and this was only breakfast~!) Still the rest of the day to go, so now you are being spuddled~!



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