Expiration Date

Expiration Date

Love is a narcotic that makes us think we’re wise-—
nature’s slick conspiracy for matching girls and guys.
It hangs around in barrooms, obscured in eyes and talk,
and before you know it, it makes you walk the walk
down rose-petaled aisles on your way to say “I do,”
in something new or borrowed and something old and blue.

Then love becomes a train wreck, beginning with the pastor
and continuing through daily life until the last disaster
when “I do” becomes “I won’t,” and all love’s vows once-spoken
wind up in love’s dump heap—abandoned, crushed and broken.
Blame it all on Cupid, that chubby little liar,
who never warns us that our love is likely to expire.

Prompt words for today are conspiracy, guys, narcotic, wreck and talk. Image by Niki Sanders on Unsplash.

16 thoughts on “Expiration Date


    Oh Wow~! That one is really a classic Judy, it so well describes too many marriages, but to blame it on “cupid”, maybe we should change the “c” to “s” and admit that when our brain takes a break in what appears to be “LOVE”, and we become stupid, not looking at all things mutually before agreeing to what should be a lifetime commitment.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Well Judy I was not so much reflecting on my marriage as I was about the many years before that, when I did “fall in love” several times but had enough sense to think long and hard about it.. I guess a lot of people confuse “love” with “horny”; but you are right, when I did finally meet “the right one” I knew right away that it was a match… a meeting of the minds instead of emotions. I think that you may be able to say “ditto”, from what I have read~! There now you have a “prompt” for your next great poem~!


          1. SAM VOELKER

            You know that this is one of the more prolific subjects that I write about..

            Here are a couple of links that show no signs that you may have ever looked at them, so I am posting the URLs to them…There is NO one answer on the subject except that we may become too soon “in love” or too late mature enough to know a true complete love is much more than an overnight infatuation~!.
            These just cover my passing thoughts on the fact that so many relationships do not last and the foolishness and misunderstanding that often brings them down from the very beginning.





  2. Martha Kennedy

    I love this. I think (OK this will sound absurd) love has been overly romanticized. It doesn’t solve everything. Just brings new problems. And, I think if it works out, it’s because it evolves into something more precious than all that heat and hormones. Pure theory.

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