Intriguing Insects: Lens Artist Challenge 174

I am fascinated by the remarkable variety and beauty of insects. Here are a few of the more unusual ones that have visited my garden. Please click on photos to see larger views.

For the Lens Artist Challenge: Follow Your Bliss

17 thoughts on “Intriguing Insects: Lens Artist Challenge 174

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The first one is actually a bug I scooped out of the pool. The background is the net. It was unfortunately deceased, but when I took the photo it brought out these amazing colors! The black bug was crawling along the edge of the pool and I think looks like an alien being. The other two were captured on my Virginia Creeper vine and are hummingbird moth larvae at different stages. They are fascinating. No insects were harmed before, during or after taking these photos. I relocate the hummingbird moth caterpillars to the lower lot as they make a tremendous mess on my table that’s under the vine.

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