Remembering Grandma at Christmas

Remembering Grandma at Christmas

The years have chosen to abrade
the paper angel Grandma made
that year when Christmas cheer was thin,
because for weeks we were snowed in.
Even Santa ceased his action
for his reindeer had no traction.

Weeks of snow and sleet and fog
even kept the catalogue
from providing a Christmas doll
when Santa couldn’t come at all.
And so the holidays that year
did not reflect our usual cheer.

No tree, no lights, no heavenly choir,
our only heat a roaring fire.
We kids complained to Mom and Dad
and by Christmas Eve, they’d had
as much of kids as they could stand
and that’s when Grandma took a hand.

Her silver scissors nipped and flew
creating something that was new—
a Christmas angel feathery light
that floated that December night
above our heads in fire glow,
hung by a string, rotating slow

around the room with wafting wings
descending from above on strings.
And from the dark a heavenly song
prompted us to sing along.
My Grandma led, with timorous voice
that song that always was her choice:

“Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, and all is bright.
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.
Holy infant so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.”

One by one, we entered in,
our voices first halting and thin,
but when my Grandma chimed a bell,
our family choir began to swell
up to the ceiling, throughout the room,
dispelling darkness, cold and gloom.

Mom made cocoa on the coals
while Dad made popcorn, filling bowls
we strung on thread to deck our halls
from curtain rods to lamps to walls,
along with paper snowflakes that
twirled on their strings to tease the cat.

In the firelight’s magic glow,
they made things magical and so
every normal Christmas since,
we love our turkey and pies of mince,
Christmas presents to poke and squeeze,
bubble lights and towering trees,

but what’s most special is when Pop
puts Grandma’s angel on the top
of the tree covered in flakes
and popcorn strings the family makes.
And when we sing her special song,
if angels sing, she’ll sing along.

Prompt words today are angel, lover, abrade, traction.

11 thoughts on “Remembering Grandma at Christmas

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Absolutely. My fondest memory was being snowbound for several days. We brought Grandma to our house, put all our fridge ingredients out on the back porch and hunkered around the fire. No electricity for three or four days. The snow was so high they tunneled down main street under the snow and into each store. I could step out my second story window into a snowbank. I’ve told this story at least once before. Someone stop me before I tell it again!!!

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    Your poem reminds me of my Christmas trees before Shirley died and while the kids were growing up… All of the decorations were either handmade keepsakes or special silver memory ones. Most of these have now been passed on to my kids and friends. So my only decoration now, other than those door and gate reefs are my lone Festivus pole and a live kumquat tree. I liked the kumquat tree and strung tiny battery-operated lights on it because the fruit ripens just at Christmas and the bright fruit looks much like a decoration. But the kumquat tree is really in a sad state this year because that freeze last winter killed most of the branches and I have only one bright orange kumquat on it~! I will post it as it gets nearer to the holiday.

    Christmas is a sad time for me, my kids have their own lives and I only meet them for either dinner or a quick visit. So my home is only a place full of sad memories, though I have thousands of Christmas trees (junipers) on my place, I neither cut nor decorate any of them~!!!! My Christmas joy is only in memories~! I have several friends nearby who always invite me over for Christmas dinner and my best friend always asks that I go to their Church with them on Christmas eve, which I enjoy because I now know many of the people there and they are like-minded to me…~!

    Tomorrow Tami and I will get up early and drive to Lagrange Texas which is halfway between Dripping Springs and Houston, where we will get together with my son Cass and his wife, we will go to a favorite place we like, then take the food to a park where we will have our Christmas get together. Usually, on Christmas day I visit my other son Mark where my only grandchildren are, and spend time with them.

    Thanks for your Christmas poem, it brought back memories both good and bad. Shirley and I with my boys always had a special trip before Christmas down to Monterrey and from there either to Saltillo, or Santiago, Mexico where we could enjoy the outdoors and pick up unusual Christmas presents for others. We had a special place near Santiago called Cascada Cola de Caballo (Horse tail falls), which though kind of run-down, had a nice eating place and was a friendly place to relax with the kids. You may have been there.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have only driven through Texas, never really got to know it. But, sounds to me like you have a lot of Xmas activity…It’s nice to have family to go to.

      Merry Xmas…



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