Love on Line

Love on Line

nocturnal visits
over Love.Com

require no suitcase,
bring no human feet

over my threshold.
Only conversation

hollow in its lack
of pulse beat

echoes through it.
Too much of our world

absent from the other parts.
Too many
empty chambers
with great sound systems.

Too many tapping fingers.
Waiting eyes.


Prompts today are suitcase, hollow, bring, nocturnal.

14 thoughts on “Love on Line


    Interesting poetic picture, thanks~! But this morning being alone too and feeling sad, I am thinking in a different direction,

    Soon my efforts on WP will end,
    working on what is next for me then,
    so keep an eye out for me then
    I will surprise all of you, with what I will do
    but I can’t say what, how, or when~!



    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t make this come up. If it is from the New Yorker, perhaps because I am not a subscriber.
      I have been to this place in Mexico–actually hiked a good distance up in the mountains to see the monarchs. I have also seen a similar place in Big Sur, although it doesn’t compare to the Michoacan butterfly adventure. I later found I’d hiked all that distance with a cracked rib. I’d fallen on the stairs in Patzcuaro the day before. Ouch.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        That is on UTUB, but it is rather long and may take a long time to load down there. Try it from here: Really beautiful~!
        Utub is also trying to make more money from subscriptions~!


          1. SAM VOELKER

            My stiff finger refused to hit the E, Ha did it twice, sure rough being old. But today I got a great telephone for the hard of hearing which prints in closed caption. Now I may be able to use the phone again without continually saying: What did you say~?



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