Help Decorating


Irresistible Red.

Help Decorating

Rendered breathless by the product of my hours of decoration,
Roo and Kukla must approve my gorgeous presentation.
How can it be a hindrance if they rearrange a few
of the lower ornaments? Perhaps just one or two?
Christmas is a family time and there should be a law
that the positioning of ornaments may be by hand or paw!


Prompt words today are decorate, hindrance, presentation, breathless, product.

17 thoughts on “Help Decorating

  1. M. Oniker

    When I had a tree… and cats, we would always have the lower branches decorated with “unbreakables” (although they tried 🙂 ). In a spirit of “if you can’t beat them join them” it almost encouraged them to play with the things. It was fun. I had Persians, and they aren’t great jumpers and they are lazy, so we never had them doing anything but bat at the low ornaments. They never dove into the middle of the tree.


  2. animar64

    My cats never bothered my tree- my dog does! When he wants my attention he stands next to it and wags his tail and sends those baubles flying. So I don’t put the fragile ornaments on the lower branches. I know, it’s a hassle but I’d rather have him and his silly tail then to not have him and his silly tail.

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