“Why Don’t You Let Me Iron That for You?”

“Why Don’t You Let Me Iron That for You?”

When there is a wrinkle, she works fast to smooth it out.
She loves to plug the iron in and move it all about.
Steam wafting all around her, she executes arm action.
She finds it scintillating dealing with each new infraction
of the rule that each garment should hang seamless and true,
without a single furrow dividing it from you.
She feels no reluctance in relieving clothes of wrinkles—
no puckers and no creases. No scrunches and no crinkles.
Because of her I’m faultless. My wardrobe is sublime,
for in Yolanda’s view, a wrinkled garment is a crime!


Yolanda has been my housekeeper, accomplice and friend for twenty years now. She rearranges my belongings, leaving little jokes, removes dust and fingerprints and generally rules the roost when it comes to the state of my house. In addition, neither I nor any houseguest can leave the house without meeting with her discerning eye. and if she spots a wrinkle, you can be sure she’ll whip the iron out and insist that it be dealt with. I’ve never yet won an argument to the contrary.

Prompt words today are scintillate, smooth, waft, reluctant and fast.

13 thoughts on ““Why Don’t You Let Me Iron That for You?”



    I see that you reward them with a little poem as I also always do on special occasions. It means more to them than something bought (which they also get) and I often put what I write in a special folder or frame. My maid Maria worked for me for about 17 years and she knew me so well that I rarely had any problems. She would take my dress shirts and trousers home with her so the ironing was not needed to be done while she was here.. Her sister, Emalia, worked with her, and with the two of them, housework went fast and thorough.

    However, there came a problem, called “Covid-19, and I really think that her church must have become involved because he would not acknowledge that it could ever affect her. I bought face masks, and rubber gloves, and asked that she wear them while here, I bought disinfectant lotion and placed it all over the house. She just ignored me, when I asked that she be more careful, because she also worked for others about my age which increased her possibility of getting infected. Also my being an old man the virus would just kill me and this is not the way I want to die…

    When the inoculation came in, I said, “It’s Free and I will drive you there” but you must have a shot to continue to work for me. She never said “NO” but just refused to go through with it.. So I had no other choice, I just said if you can not do this I will be forced to find another person who will.

    The next thing that happened was that her sister (Emalia) came down with a bad case of the virus and was very bad off. So I had no way out, I made it clear, while her sister was still in the hospital that neither one could come back until they were both clean with shots.. I had another person(s) in mind that works for a friend and changed immediately….

    But I wish I could have Maria back, after so many years she knew ME; the new ones never have tried and I get socks in my underclothes drawer, when something is left around, it gets put into the nearest cabinet or drawer, and I spend hours finding it, my house is clean except for the windows… They insist that they do not “wash” windows but finally “cleaned” them when I insisted. Great, nice, clean, people but not what I need. I wish I had my Maria back but she still has not had that shot, though I keep in touch with her and her family~!

    I would even write a poem for her if she did.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ah. So sad. I paid Yolanda for six months but told her not to come. They didn’t have vaccine back then. Finally she just came and told me to go to the studio while she was there, that she was going to clean. Ha. She did get shots as soon as she could. Actually, I was concerned about her getting covid and taking it back to her family. But now even the kids are getting inoculated. Mexico was slower in getting enough vaccine.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Maria is as honest and hard working as can be found, and in all those years she mostly learned to deal with a stubborn old man. I helped out to give her daughter a great education and she is now teaching elementary school. However when it came to the virus, she was never negative, just silent on the subject..and unresponsive~! I think that her church must have pushed Trump and his ways..


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Everyone needs a Yolanda. She took a trip to Mexico City to see the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the canals and pyramids and other wonders…when she came back she told me she preferred working!! Guess it is her art.


  2. animar64

    My sons were like that! Those boys ironed their shirts and put creases in their pants to perfection. But I will give you this, taking care of clothes like that is a skill.



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