They’ll Be Sorry!!!

They’ll Be Sorry!!!

She’s stuffing Mommy’s reticule with necessary stuff,
putting on her bunny coat and leaving in a huff.
All the sundry items contribute to its thickness—
pajamas for her dolly and candy pills for sickness.

She’s packed her favorite nightie and her dolly and her bear,
a pair of extra panties and a hairbrush for her hair.
She grabs a sun umbrella as she passes by the rack,
squishes up her raincoat and stuffs it in her sack.

So now she’s set for sun or rain as she sets off to roam.
She’ll make her parents sorry when she runs away from home!
The hall clock ticks its countdown as she sets off on her lark.
She’ll have to run away right now to be back before dark.


Prompt words are reticule, sundry, countdown, cohere and sickness.
Image by Zahra Amiri on Unsplash

22 thoughts on “They’ll Be Sorry!!!

      1. Eilene Lyon

        I think my car (of 13 years) tried to run away from home last night after it got displaced from the garage by our new vehicle. You could tell where I parked it by the tire tracks in the snow, but this morning it was eight feet away! We are mystified. Just glad it didn’t make it all the way down the driveway. That could have gotten ugly.



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